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Vidmate Apk Download: In whatever situation a person is every time he sees some interesting movies or amazing videos it would definitely turn him up. All the time no one is connected with an internet connection and it is not possible to watch your favorite videos every time online. YouTube is one of the most famous online video hosting sites to watch your favorite videos. The sad part is that YouTube doesn’t allow downloading videos directly to our devices. But there are few alternatives for watching your favorite videos offline without being connected to the Internet. There is an application available for android users which allow videos to be downloaded directly to our devices and that application is known as Vidmate apk.

Vidmate Apk For Android – Free Download

Vidmate Apk

Vidmate is an android application which allows users to download videos of different quality and different resolution. The formats of the videos are also available in many different formats and users can easily select the type of format in which they want to view the videos. Users have access also to check on the quality and the type of resolution in which they want to download the videos. The most important feature of the Vidmate app is that it allows us to download videos in high digital quality which no other video downloading application allows. If you are searching for an application to download your all interesting video as well as audio files to be downloaded from video hosting site easily then go for the Vidmate apk for android. In this article, we will discuss everything related to the Vvidmate application.

Vidmate apps for android for downloading videos

Vidmate is an application which allows you to do download your most watched and most favorite videos on your smartphone. There is wide range of stuff like videos, songs, TV shows, movies and much more at HD quality on user’s android device and tablets. This android app supports lots of videos and audio file website in their app. This application allows users to save their time by downloading videos simultaneously.

If you are not connected to the internet at the moment or you have some work to finish you can simply put the downloading of the file in pause mode and continue with your work. And whenever you are free or connected to the internet again you can resume the paused downloads and downloading process will start again from the paused point. This pause and resume feature of the Vidmate app is the most significant one. Vidmate even supports large files of over 1GB. One can easily download their favorite movies in HD quality using the vidmate app for android.

Features of Vidmate Apk

Vidmate is a fantastic video downloading app which provides its users with some great and interesting features. Using this application and knowing its unique features users definitely have a great experience. The Vidmate app is absolutely free and can be used to download your favorite videos, songs and movies. The application of Vidmate allows users to download videos also from various social networking sites. Facebook, YouTube, soundcloud are some sites which are supported by Vidmate android application for downloading videos. Below are some of the main features of the app.

  • The Vidmate is an HD video downloader android app by using which users can download videos at a high speed.
  • The application is compatible with all the android latest version operating system from Android 2.2 and higher.
  • With using this application you can do multi-tasking. You can run any application along with Vidmate app and also download videos from the application at the same time. And both things will be done simultaneously.
  • Vidmate video downloader app supports a large number of video formats in HD quality.
  • Along with downloading your favorite videos and movies, you can even watch them online through the app that too buffer free. So without any interruption videos, songs and TV shows and movies can be easily downloaded on your device.
  • Vidmate supports fast downloading options.
  • There is the option of pause, resume, and break while downloading files.
  • There is a feature of deleting the downloaded file or restarting the download whenever needed.
  • This application of Vidmate supports very large file of over 1 GB.
  • Vidmate supports different types of video formats like MP4, FIV, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MPEG etc.
  • There is the option of downloading of simultaneous more than one file at a time.
  • There is no need to be connected with the application, Vidmate also works in the background.
  • There are more than 50,000 songs available to be downloaded from Vidmate app.
  • There are videos even in regional languages available in the Vidmate app.
  • Vidmate provides its users with buffer-free viewing of videos.
  • Videos can be recorded and can be viewed later on using the Vidmate application.

These are few important feature of the Vidmate application.


The installation process regarding the VIDMATE apk is simple and easy. The installation process is similar to the other app and is very user-friendly. The following are the steps related to the installation of the apk:

  • There are plenty of websites which provide the apk for this app. Choose a trusted website to download the apk for VIDMATE. Download from the trusted websites as it’s reliable and doesn’t have any bugs.
  • After downloading the apk, click for the installation this application. The user will see a notification of installation block as the install is done from the third party sources.
  • To correct the settings and for allowing the installation from unknown sources on your device. Go to the settings and search for the security settings. Then browse to the option of device administration and choose the option of unknown sources. Click to allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Now, click on the install button of the apk. The installation process will start.
  • After the successful installation of the VIDMATE apk user can find an icon of VIDMATE on the home screen of their device.

This application has all the best features needed for an application to be user-friendly. And in coming days this application will reach new heights and gain lots of more users. So download and install the apk and enjoy the world full of videos.

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