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Vidmate APK


Name VidMate
Latest Version 3.35
Updated On 6th April, 2018
Size 6.79 MB
Total Downloads 500 million
Rating 4.7/5
Requirement Android 2.2+
Developer Vidmate Studio

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About Vidmate APP-

Vidmate app is that one-stop app where you can watch as well as download videos online. It was designed and developed around 3-4 years back, by a group of highly skilled professionals belonging to the Android community. Thus, after months of hard work, they came up with an app that allows you to download videos for free from popular websites like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Since it was released back in 2015, it has been downloaded more than 100 million times (60 million times on Android and 40 million times on iOS) and the stats keep on increasing by hundreds of thousands daily. is regarded as the best app for downloading videos online for free.

vidmate apk

Apart from merely being used as an online video downloader, you can also use Vidmate as your personal web browser that lets you access most of the web content over the internet. Unlike other simple video downloaders where you need to copy the video link and start downloading the video, here you can browse the website itself and as soon as you open your desired video, the option pops up asking whether you wish to download the video or play it using the internal or external video player. Talking of video playback, the video will be played depending upon the quality availability and the resolution support. Same is the case with the downloader. Apart from that, you can download videos ranging from 144p (3GP) to all the way up to 1080p (Full HD). Not just that, you can also extract the audio from the videos and save it as a separate WAV or MP3 file. This embedded video to audio converter is a great feature and has been greatly appreciated. The audio mixing rate ranges from 96 kbps to 192 kbps, so all those audiophiles out there should not have a hard time.

Why Install & Download Vidmate?

With most of the websites like – YouTube, Metacafe and Vimeo, the app will automatically select the best download quality from a variety of playback qualities. You should not worry if you run out of data while downloading a video form Vidmate app because the app will pause the download at that instant till the time it gets back access to an internet connection. Because of all these features, Vidmate app is regarded as the best online video downloading app that allows you to download videos online for free. Download the Vidmate app online for free and start download all your favourite videos on your device for free.

Apart from being just an online video downloader, Install Vidmate app can also be used as a video converter that can be used to convert the downloaded videos. The low resolution (quality) videos can be upscaled, while the high quality (resolution) videos can be downscaled very easily and with a few touches. Thus, rarely do people have a hard time in using the Vidmate app to either stream videos or download them on the devices for free. Vidmate app is not an ordinary app, unlike most of the video downloaders out there, but there are some features about Vidmate that are worth boasting.

More about Vidmate APK

One such feature is that you can not only download videos using Vidmate apk, but it also becomes your personal app market that lets you download free apps and games online. Now you can download your favourite apps and games along with free video, movies and television series online using the Vidmate app.

As mentioned earlier, Vidmate app has been downloaded more than 80 million times till date. The app boasts of a daily user count of over 5 million and that is the highest number of users per day count for any other video downloader all over the web. In fact, even YTD (YouTube Downloader) gets around 500,000 to 1,000,000 users per day which is approximately a fifth of what Vidmate gets. There are so many great features that make Vidmate loved by all. So if you have not downloaded Vidmate yet then you can download the Vidmate app or Vidmate APK online for free.

Features of Vidmate APP-

Although a lot has already been said about Download Vidmate, there are always some features that are left to be talked about. Vidmate is regarded as the best Android (and iOS) app that allows you to download and watch free videos, movies and television series online unlike many other websites and apps. Here, all that needs to be done is to either copy the required link or simply visit the website using the Vidmate app and the download will commence in no time. You can download the Vidmate app on your Android (Vidmate APK) or iOS (Vidmate IPA) device online for free. Below are some of the prominent features of Vidmate-

  • You can download unlimited videos, movies and television series with the help of Vidmate app. Downloading videos and movies is very easy and you can either stream it all using Vidmate or simply download it in a variety of formats and quality. You will find videos from all around the world using Vidmate and will be able to download videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Facebook, and Instagram and even from Cartoon HD and Netflix. There a lot of different options (websites) from where you can download videos at high speeds. Not only is Vidmate safe but it is also a great app that is very small in size.
  • You can also download music with Vidmate, that too at very high quality. There are over a hundred million songs and music over the web, and Vidmate allows you download audio files (songs and music) for free as well. The music quality ranges from 64kbps (audible music) to 320kbps (high quality music). You can find all the old classics to latest music albums here; you will find everything in Vidmate. With Vidmate downloaded and installed on your device, you can download music (and songs) from all around the world and in more than 100 languages. Download the Vidmate app online for free today!
  • Since there are millions of websites that allow you to stream videos online but they have a strict policy against downloading those videos, with Vidmate apk installed on your device, you can not only stream those videos using the embedded video player, but you can also download videos from all those websites (for free) on your device. You need not worry if your internet speed is slow because Vidmate app keeps your downloads running in background. With this feature, you can let the download complete in the background while you carry on with your normal daily chores. Once the video/videos gets/get downloaded, you can enjoy watching all those videos on your device at any time and any day.
  • With Vidmate app downloaded and installed on your device, you can download all the latest and trending movies and television shows from popular apps like Netflix and HBO. Since Vidmate 2018 app is a free to download app and it even does not occupy much of the storage space on your device, you can use it to either stream free movies and shows online or you can also use it to download all the best shows and movies (and of course, videos) for free. Not only Netflix and HBO, but you can also download all the latest meme videos, trending videos and funny videos from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Downloading videos from the aforementioned websites seemed nearly impossible (earlier), but now, with Vidmate everything is achievable.

Some more amazing features of Vidmate APK

  • You can either download all the best and the funny videos online, download movies and television shows and do a lot more with Download Vidmate. Downloading videos and then either upscaling or downscaling them is a popular feature of the Vidmate app. You can also extract the audio from the video files and then save those audio files in various audio formats like MP3 and WAV, and at a bit rate of around 192 kbps. Thus, if you are unable to find your favourite song’s audio file online, you can download its video file using Vidmate app and then convert it into either MP3 or WAV.
  • Vidmate even has got unlimited access to live TV channels. You can stream sports, television shows, Indian daily soaps, movies and all more channels live using the Vidmate app. With a decent internet connection and a device good enough to handle the app, you can either stream or download thousands of videos online for free. There are over a million video streaming websites online from where you can download free movies and videos. Downloading videos with the help of Vidmate app is very easy. You can either copy and paste the video link directly to the URL bar or can manually access the web page and then download the desired video.
  • Download Vidmate does not require any personal user information such as email id or credit card information in order to run. In fact, there is also no need to register on the app in order to run it. All you have to do is to download and install the Vidmate app and it will do the rest for you. Once the app gets downloaded, installing it is very easy. Once Vidmate app gets installed, it is very easy to download (or even stream) videos, movies and television series using it. So you should download Vidmate APK for Android and Vidmate IPA for iOS online for free.
  • With Vidmate you get the freedom to select the video quality and even the location where you wish to download (save) the video. Once the video gets downloaded, you can either run it using the embedded video player (that plays more than twenty video formats) or you can even play it using an external video player (whichever suits you more). And yes, it also becomes your personal app market as well. Downloading all the latest apps and games is very easy with the help of the Vidmate app. Apart from that, Vidmate has received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of users and is regarded as the best app for downloading videos, television shows and movies online for free. Download the Vidmate app APK for Android and Vidmate app IPA for iOS online for free.

Is Vidmate APK free from viruses?

Vidmate is regarded as the best video downloading app that is available online for free. Often do some sceptics ask this question that, is Vidmate apk free from viruses? The simple answer to this question is a big yes. Vidmate has been in use from a lot of time and by a lot of people. A lot of people rely on Vidmate when it comes to downloading videos online. Had it been full or viruses, it would never have been regarded as the best video downloading app that is available for free on Android, iOS and Windows PCs and laptops. Not only is it free from viruses, but it also helps in keeping your device run faster and smoother. It has been downloaded more than 100 million times till date and had it been full of viruses then it would never have reached such a sterling download count. So, it is wise enough to say that Vidmate is a safe to use app. Download Vidmate app online today (APK for Android and IPA for iOS), for free.

Is Vidmate for Android safe?

Many a times do people ask this question. In fact, it is one of the most asked questions regarding Vidmate APK (and that is co-related to the aforementioned question). Vidmate app is absolutely safe to use and it does not even slow down your device. Apart from that, it also does not collect any user information and neither does it require any registration or credit card information in order to run. All it requires is a platform to run on and a working device. It is free from viruses and other malicious content and this makes this app used by many and loved by all.

Vidmate APP for iOS & Windows PCs and Laptops-

Vidmate 2018 has always been a popular video downloading app on iOS. People who use iPhones and iPads have used Vidmate to download all the best and the trending videos of the time (for free). Not many video downloaders allow the users to download as many free videos online as allowed by Vidmate. The app is safe and is free from viruses and other malicious content. There are over a million videos online and downloading those using trivial methods is such a painful task. But with Vidmate installed on your iOS device, you can freely download as many videos as you like to (for free). The Vidmate app does not crash or freeze, and it also does not cause your device to lag. In fact, it is one of the most user friendly apps that one can find today.

Talking of Windows devices such as personal computers and laptops, Vidmate has no official support for it, but you can still download the Vidmate APK file and install and run it using BlueStacks player. Vidmate runs effortlessly on BlueStacks on Windows and hardly ever does the app encounter any problem or issue. As a bonus, there are no bugs (as people find many with Windows apps and softwares). All you have to do is to simply open the BlueStacks player and copy and paste the APK file. The installation starts automatically and you can use the Vidmate app easily and without any problem. In case if you ever encounter any problem with Vidmate, you can contact the creators and they will rectify the problem in no time. Since Vidmate is an app that has been community developed, it has great customer support and an active community that is very helpful. So, download the Vidmate APK file online for free today.

How to Install the Vidmate App 2018?

Vidmate installation guide (Video tutorial)

Vidmate Download on Android-

First of all you have to download the APK file for Vidmate app on your device. Download it from HERE. Once it gets downloaded, save it to a secure location. After that, you need to perform side-loading in order to manually install it on your Android device. To do that, follow the necessary steps-

  • On your Android device, open Settings.
  • Then go to Security Settings.
  • Over there, you need to enable Installation from Unknown Sources (since you are not using Google Play Store to automatically download and install the Vidmate APK file).
  • Using a file manager, search for the APK file and tap on it to install.
  • Tap on Install and the installation will commence.
  • Once it gets installed, you can freely run it either from the home-screen or from the app tray.

Download Vidmate for  iOS-

Installation of the Vidmate app on iOS devices like iPad and iPhone is a tad bit different from Android. Since there is no APK file involved, the installation follows an entirely different pattern. First of all, you are supposed to download the IPA file for Vidmate app. Once you have done it, do the following steps in order to install it on your iOS device-

  • Set the date on your device to 1st January, 2014.

To do that, go to Settings > General > Date and Time, and change the date. (Time does not matter).

  • Open Safari browser and download the Vidmate app. Note – the IPA file will get downloaded automatically.
  • Click on install.
  • Users may get the ‘Untrusted App Developer’ message. Click on Trust and you are good to go.
  • The Vidmate browser app will get installed automatically and once it gets installed, you can run it from the app tray.

Download Vidmate on Windows PCs and laptops-

Vidmate does not have any official EXE file support for Windows and its devices, but you can run the Android version of the app very easily using an Android emulator software. This emulator software creates a virtual ecosystem for the applications and they get executed very easily. BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator software for Windows. In order to install the APK file for Vidmate on your Windows PC or laptop, do the following steps-

  • Download and install the BlueStacks emulator software on your Windows device. BlueStacks is a freeware that can easily be found online. Once it gets downloaded, install it.
  • After that, download the APK file for Vidmate web browser app and save it on your computer.
  • Open BlueStacks > Load the APK file onto it by manually looking for it on your computer. Alternatively, you can also simply drag and drop the APK file from the desktop to BlueStacks home-screen.
  • It will get installed in no time, and once it gets installed, you can easily run Vidmate app using BlueStacks player.

What’s new in Vidmate 2018?

Version – 3.38

– Crashing error fixed.

– 0 data cost feature added.

Download Vidmate App